Please join us every Thursday night!

  • First Thursdays are from 5:30 to 8 pm at Brewed, 124 Malabu Drive for the monthly Let’s Trade KY Potluck & Market Bash!
  • All other Thursdays are from 6 to 8 pm @ 4974 Old Versailles Rd for the regular meeting, concession stand & pizza available.


  • 6pm Meet & Greet
  • 6:30 Meeting officially begins with an introduction to MAFA — essential info for new members!!!
  • 7 Update on ACTION items: bills, events, lawsuits
  • 7:30 Guest speakers, 3-5 minute presentations plus Q&A

MAFA Groups Can Help Save Small Businesses!!

We are calling on small businesses who might need help surviving during this shutdown! You are invited to attend our weekly meeting to report how MAFA participants might help you.

There is no reason to suffer alone when we are gathering weekly with like-minded people to share information and learn how to fight back against the tyranny being imposed on us.

So, Small Businesses, we need to hear from you! Please join us at a meeting. Be willing to share how folks in your area can support your business.

We need you to survive and thrive, and MAFA folks want to help!

Unless you are politically feared, you will never be politically respected. It’s time for the politicians to be intimidated by the citizens and not the other way around. WITHOUT NUMBERS TO BACK YOU UP YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER POLITICAL OPINION.

What can you do? Recruit 10 who will recruit 10. That’s how we win.