Tuesday is the start of the 2022 session for KY legislators. Our main objective is to STOP the vaccine passport before it has a chance (BR 65) and to stop any and all discrimination based on vaccination status (BR 106).

Here’s the action:

#1 Email your legislators, email as many as you want. Email addresses are here. BE SURE TO INCLUDE LEADERSHIP — they really run the show.

Here’s the message:

“I request that you support BR 65 to stop vaccine passports and BR 106 to stop discrimination based on vaccination status. Both of these bills protect our individual rights to body autonomy, medical freedom and personal privacy. We are watching what our legislators do this season closer than every before. Do the right thing.”

#2 Call your legislators, same message. The LRC Hotline number is 800-372-7181.

#3 Join Lee Watts in the rotunda on Tuesday 1/4 at 12pm. Here’s his invitation in the video (or click here to watch the entire episode)!

Please bring signs re. vaccine passports, medical freedom and privacy!