Please join us for a meeting of freedom-loving local citizens. Meetings are infrequent but enthusiastic! Join us when you can, and hangout with like-minded friends.

RSVP & Questions, contact

  • Shari Boblitt at (859) 481-1282, text is best

MEETING Sunday, April 3rd, 2:00 p.m.

Joe Carpenter and Tony Wheatley will be speaking briefly on Constitutional current issues followed by a round-table discussion of questions and input on those and other timely issues.

Also, if you know of other Christian, Constitutional, Conservatives who are stepping up to face these challenges, please invite them and/or have their names, contact information, websites, etc. so we can support them as they endeavor to stand up for the community.


For anyone concerned about unconstitutional mandates from employers, schools, government, etc., join us to hear how we can alert and hold accountable bosses, organizations, officials, etc. who are harming us.

Come help build our community, and learn how to help yourselves and others regain freedom and stop the tyranny!


We often feature speakers who are current voices standing for our freedoms! Bring pencil and paper to take notes as presenters explain how to refuse mandates — whether masks, nasal swabs, and jabs — and how to stand together to defeat tyranny.

Speakers have included an international health forensic analyst who shared dangers of mandated nasal swabbing, masks, and jabs and how to fight back. We have learned about private health clubs that allow access to true health information. Citizens who are getting off the bench and onto the battlefield are with us, teaching us how to take back our country.


  • Date: Sun April 3rd, 2022
  • Time: 2-4 p.m.
  • Location: Basement, 1403 Tatum Springs Rd, Willisburg, KY 40078 (Meeting may be moved upstairs in case of large crowd.)