May you take back your country in 2022.

This is a picture of San Jose, Costa Rica on NYE in 2008. Taken from a home 4000′ above the valley, most of the lights you see are fireworks, not street lights! You are looking at 100% unregulated firework fun.

Meetings are ON!

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night in Lexington!

Want to START a meeting? It’s simple, email us (email is at the top of every page) and we’ll be in touch. We’ll even come and help you lead the meeting. Have a church or a group who wants to learn about MAFA? Email us, we’ll get that set up!


“No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.” Nobody knows who said this but we all know it’s true. Ky’s 2022 Legislative Session starts next Tuesday, Jan 4. It’s a LONG one: 60 legislative days, can only run till April 15. Fourteen weeks and 3 days. Each week, you’ll get an action item.


MAFA KY’s focus for this session is “NO to VACCINE PASSPORTS“. We are preparing a short email for MAFA members to send en masse on Jan 4th to all legislators you choose. Plus a quick phone call on the same day. If we can shut down the phone lines demanding an end to the vaccine passport idea, that would be awesome.

Please plan to do this every day next week. After their performance last session, it’s clear we need to hammer our message home. “They” need to hear from us.

Look for an email next Monday with the suggested email/phone message!

KY Liberty Events — please check the calendar here!


We are now officially at ( will bring you here). Sally is tweaking the look and the content but this will take some time so please bear with us.

Our old site is at — all the old stuff is there and will remain. Again, Sally is tweaking the logo and look.

We’ll explain WHY the change was necessary at tomorrow night’s meeting. This is totally boring so it will be brief πŸ™‚


You’ll get an email on Wednesdays with a link to the ACTUAL newsletter on this blog (like you did just now). You won’t get the slick newsletter we’ve had for the last year. Here’s why:

  1. Our newsletter provider is $50/month and goes up incrementally as our subscribers increase. MAFA is all about increasing subscribers!!! πŸ™‚
  2. More importantly, email services are cavalier about deleting accounts that share, ahem, misinformation. Among many others, Del Bigtree’s and RFK’s huge accounts were deleted with no warning. Every provider we looked at said they would do it, too — some even used the word “vaccination” — if they did not like what we shared.

This is why Pam Popper purchased MAFA’s own servers and created a private database for our subscribers. This cost TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars to complete. However, because of that, MAFA’s subscribers are safe from prying eyes and deletions — yay! The tiny downside is that our newsletter will be an ordinary email. Everything has a price πŸ™‚

Speaking of everything having a price…

Thank you to the 16 members who make recurring, online donations to the MAFA KY Fund, to those who donate at the concession stand every week, and to all who have made misc. donations!!! We are very grateful for you!

If you’d like to participate, scan the QR code to become a supporting member for $5, $10 or $20/month!

If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation, click here to donate at the main MAFA site.

YOU are the hero you’ve been waiting for.

Do one more thing please? Recruit one more person before Thursday’s meeting!!!